Does your company care about people?

I have to tell you something -
I'm obsessed with companies that care about people

I’m Vanessa Shaw, and for the last 12 years I’ve been on a quest – to uncover the most inspirational stories of brands and companies that treat their people best.

This passion has taken me on a global journey of 35 culture tours, dozens of events, hundreds of interviews and too many books to count.

I’ve uncovered how they do it and what the rest of us can do to build more connected and aligned customer and employee experience.

I have discovered:

  • The best of the best focus on people, which means everyone - customer, employee, community - all stakeholders
  • It is not just management or the CEO who need to take action - we all influence and can create a thriving ecosytem
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When organizations are designed to care for people we achieve more.

Without people,
the value your brand, product and services bring doesn’t matter.
Invest in every person your company touches.



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That's me
That's me
I love working with people
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