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  • Line Morkbak, Managing Director, Global_LEAP
    The workshop had a great flow of the activities. Vanessa was great at creating energy and engagement as well as guiding self-reflective activities. Excellent experience with many immediately applicable takeaways.
  • Dennis Britton, CEO, Discovery Spaces
    Vanessa was delightful, funny, aware and respectful. The course was great for our group of many people with various backgrounds. The exercises she designed helped us break out of our stuck focus. Vanessa's approach to facilitation was both entertaining and effective. Highly recommend.
  • Michael de la Maza, Agile Coach, eBay
    Vanessa's session was extremely engaging and fun. She is both charistmatic and informative. We received powerful examples, case studies and simulations that really have stuck with me and how I approach my work.
  • Karen Lechner, Organizational Change Leader, State of Alaska
    Vanessa approaches her work with great care to ensure participants depart with a transformative experience and insight that can be applied the first day back at work.
  • John Westworth, Program Manager, Microsoft
    Vanessa was knowledgable and very attentive to our group. I left the course feeling inspired and with a lot of actionable ideas I could apply immediately.
  • Josh Briggs, Agile Coach, Spotify
    Agile Coach, Spotify
    Vanessa is inspirational. I have taken her ideas and applied them to how I lead my teams. Her approach and creativity gave me lots of resources to create a more engaged workplace culture.
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