Barcelona is a leading SmartCity – what does that mean, you say? Find out here in this epic infographic Barcinno made.  Not to mention, that Barcelona is home of the Mobile World Congress.  Annnd most importantly, free wifi in helpful places like bus stops, parks and at the beach (see wifi hotspot map)! Yup you heard me correctly.   You can instantly post your vacay-selfies and instill serious FOMO in your friends back home while having a cerveza at the beach.


But, let’s get one thing straight: Don’t come to Barcelona to just be another tourist that refers to it as Barça, drinks sangria out of buckets with super long straws and eats at overpriced not-authentic food on the Rambles.  I believe you are better than that.

After 3 years living in Spain, I want to share with you some ways to help you integrate into the rhythm of being local.

Here’s my list of the top 7 mobile apps to help you explore Barcelona like a local.

#1. No Uber? No problem.

my-taxi-barcinnoUber is illegal in Spain – uups.  But a local taxi company has created an app with a similar concept.  It uses geolocation and you just “tap here” to send your desired pick up location and your yellow cab will be there a few minutos.  Its slightly addicting, so may you have been warned! – Download the MyTaxi app here.

As mentioned, I’m a regular user, they encouraged me to share with friends.  Wa-la! I bestow upon you my discount code:

Get 10€ off your first ride with code: VanessaS11


#2. Get the stuff that doesn’t fit in a suitcase.

wallapop-barcinnoNeed to pick up some gear for your visit – say a surfboard, bike or tent?  Then check out Wallapop that is making serious waves in Barcelona.  Its basically like a local-eBay.  It uses geolocation so users can resell anything from electronics, SCUBA gear, motorcycles, suitcases, or random coffee mugs.

Oh, did I mention – they were recently funded with $100million?  You heard me, that’s eight zeros, as in $100,000,000!  People are asking – is this Barcelona’s first unicorn? Read the article: Could Wallapop Be Barcelona’s First Billion Dollar Startup? 


#3. The Not-so-touristy Tourist app

barcelona-paisatge-barcinno copyIts called Paisatge. That’s local-speak for Landscape.  This app was a Barcelona City council sponsored project to help you find the hidden gems in this tourist-haven.  This sweet little pocket pal that can guide you through some little passageways that you might otherwise, overlook.  Its liking having a locals-insight into the weaving alleyways of Barcelona at your finger tips. Check it out!


#4. Run away from tourist-mayhem

barcelona-corre-barcinnoWhen wine and beer cost about the same as a bottle of water, you might want to schedule in some time to go running.  Again, the city of Barcelona funded this app – Corre.  To help you find the trails that rule, far away from the tourist-mayhem.



#5. If you say ‘Barça’ I hope you are talking about the Football Club

barca-trivia-barcinnoA lot of times people refer to Barcelona as Barça . Wrong.  The nickname for the city is Barna (though rarely used by locals).  If you say Barça – that means fútbol.  As in Piqué, Messi and Camp de Nou.  If you have any inkling as to what I’m talking about, way to go. If not – check out the FC Barcelona Fans Trivia App where you can quiz yourself, or your drunk new friends at the bar.

*Pro tip: To survive in Barcelona you must know a bit about Barça. This app can help!


#6. Luxury dinner concierge, did you say? At your service.

club-kviar-barcinnoClubKviar founded in Barcelona, is your own personal Gastronomy Concierge service.  You can find the best dining spots, and book reservations without needing any Spanish skills.  As an added value, you will receive 30% off your bill (including drinks) in a discreet way at some of the best restaurants in Barcelona.  No coupons. No discount codes.  It is available in Barcelona, Madrid and Paris with more cities launching soon.


#7. Experience local markets with locals

mercats-bcn-barcinnoBarcelona is known for having some really impressive local markets.  In the United States you might call them Farmer’s Markets, but here – they are something even more unique!  Many only visit La Boqueria (on the Ramblas), which is of course gorgeous and amusing – though packed and crowded.  Get the insider guide to local markets where actual locals still get their daily groceries.  Events, hours, and addresses included on the app – Mercats BCN.


– One last thing.

tag-barcinnoIf you are exploring Barcelona like a local and looking for a work space (with air conditioning and sweet views!) this summer, you should come check out Talent Garden, my coworking space of choice.  You can meet some of the talented entrepreneurs who also live and work in Barcelona.


What apps do you use in Barcelona?  Let me know! @humansideoftech.


**Note: Then original post is available on Barcinno. See it here.