Introducing: Design Thinking Workshops for HR, People, Talent & Culture Leaders!

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Be part of the next generation of culture-focused leaders.
Hands on Experience

Leave the workshop with an Employee Experience Journey Map

Community of Peers

If you’re looking for creative, innovative and trailblazing group of HR & People Ops professionals to call your colleagues and peers – look no further.

Actionable Toolkit

Walk away with a toolkit that you can implement right away.


Are you ready to push the boundaries of what workplace cultures can be? Let’s get started!

2-Day Design Thinking Bootcamp for HR

Employee Experience & Culture brought to life with a Human Centered Design approach

Earn 16 PDC’s for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM

Uplevel your Experience
Topics we will Cover
What You'll Leave With

“An engaging and super fun workshop!”

“I’m now excited to look at our HR challenges with a design thinking lens and pull other people on my team into the process!”

– Previous Attendee Feedback


Workshop fee is $947 for the 2-Day course

“Design thinking is a reminder for me to really slow down the process and start at the beginning with empathy or trying to understand the situation of what’s going on and help us make sense of the data and to ask thoughtful questions. This workshop was a great opportunity to be able to collaborate with others who are transforming their organizations.”

Craig Forman, People Science at Culture Amp

“This workshop gave me a lot of examples as to how design thinking is an important tool and that I can take it back to leadership what it is that our HR department does and how essential it is for the company.”

Conssiah Simon, Culture at ChaiOne

“Design thinking provides a more systematic way of being able to think through the journey that employees go through and the experience that we can maximize the impact.
The Human Side of Tech™ workshop with Vanessa on Design Thinking helped me capture a holistic way of thinking about culture change.” 

– Kori Peterson Czasnojc

“The only way this workshop could have been better was if there had been puppies! I mean in all seriousness – the material was great. The group interaction was another perk. This workshop is a fresh way to develop HR processes in a safe and creative way. It helps you get to the true root of a workplace issue and find a way forward.”


– Jessica Mansch

“The creativity that came out of the whole workshop was a real highlight. The mindful approach was very powerful how design thinking carries into HR. I’m feeling enriched and full of energy.”


– Mindy Kloser, People & Culture at Cadeo Group

“This workshop expanded my view of problem solving and creative thinking. I got to practice, learn new skills and try out a few ideas that have impacted my HR practice and how I collaborate with colleagues at my company.”


– Jeannie Chun, People Operations Lead at Tivix

Previous Attendees
  • Line Morkbak, Managing Director, Global_LEAP
    The workshop had a great flow of the activities. Vanessa was great at creating energy and engagement as well as guiding self-reflective activities. Excellent experience with many immediately applicable takeaways.
  • Dennis Britton, CEO, Discovery Spaces
    Vanessa was delightful, funny, aware and respectful. The course was great for our group of many people with various backgrounds. The exercises she designed helped us break out of our stuck focus. Vanessa's approach to facilitation was both entertaining and effective. Highly recommend.
  • Michael de la Maza, Agile Coach, eBay
    Vanessa's session was extremely engaging and fun. She is both charistmatic and informative. We received powerful examples, case studies and simulations that really have stuck with me and how I approach my work.
Introducing: Design Thinking Workshops for HR, People, Talent & Culture Leaders!

Be first to know when registration opens for the next workshop.

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Human Side of Tech™ is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CPSM orSHRM-SCPSM. This program is valid for [16] PDCs for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit